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Tuesday, January 02, 2018 10:40:00 AM

Provide constant supply of molten metal for the sand foundry operation.  Pour molten metal into sand molds, and remove metal castings from molds and place on cart.

• Following metal melting procedures and interpreting Quality Assurance spectrograph results, maintain a constant supply of molten aluminum for molders.
• Run Alu-Delta and specific gravity tests on the metal to insure correct modification and gas level.
• Pour molten metal into sand molds.
• Remove aluminum castings from their molds and place on cart.
• Perform any additional duties as assigned.

• Work involves standing for long periods of time, as well as lifting squatting and bending.
• Work involves lifting up to 50 pounds.
• Accident hazard can involve serious burns from splashing molten metal when pouring or ladling.
• Work environment contains heat, particularly in the summer months, and noise.

6:00AM- 4:30PM,  Mon-Thurs
5PM- 3:30AM, Sun-Thurs


If you have already applied and completed the interview process, please call us at 641-472-2025 and let us know of your interest in this position.  There is no need to complete a new application.