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Will I be charged a fee to use your service?
No, there is no fee assessed to you as an employee of Temp Associates. 
What kinds of jobs are available?
The jobs that we receive and recruit for vary from day to day.  Often we have openings for general labor positions to welders to accountants.  So, check for jobs available the jobs available here on the website or on our Facebook page for the latest openings. 
How do I apply?
One can complete a pre-application form on-line and submit a resume on the website.  However, we still require each applicant to complete some additional government forms, have an interview, and provide valid IDs for work.
What is my overtime pay rate?
Standard overtime pay rate is 1.5 time the regular hourly rate. 
How does one submit hours worked?
Hours worked for the previous week must be submitted via a time sheet or some companies complete a group time sheet which is then forwarded to us.  This form must to signed/validated by a representative of the client company. 
When do I get paid?
Paychecks are available the week following the hours that are worked.
Where can I get more timesheets?
On many pages of the Temp Associates website you will find an Employee Documents menu in the bottom left column. In the Employee Documents menu you will find the link to your weekly time sheet. You can click here to download and print your weekly timesheet or pick one up from one of our office locations as well.
What happens if my timesheet is not sent in on time?
If the timesheet is not submitted in a timely fashion, you will still get paid for the work completed though the paycheck may be delayed by a pay cycle.
Where do I call if I have questions?
Call your local Temp Associates office