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The first paragraph should include contact information such as name and address.  The second key element in a resume is the objective. As a general rule this should be as specific as possible.  Be honest and accurate.  Make sure that either the "spellcheck" has been run or a dictionary is used to verify accuracy whenever possible.  When listing work experience list important projects that you may have participated on, specific equipment or software that was used.  Remember the purpose is to be informative.  This will give your resume the extra edge over the many other resumes received. Everyone has their very own personality along with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Be positive about your past work experiences.  The importance of a positive attitude can give job seekers that extra edge in the interview process. The more you can offer a potential employer is an advantage that you may have over the other possible job suiters.  Above all else be honest. Past accomplishments, references and even diplomas and graduation dates are verified by many employers. If possible try to limit a resume to 1-2 pages in length. The following is a good example of a well written resume.

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Sample Resume